Welcome to Boston Nuclear Services

We are a strong team of experienced nuclear professionals from diverse experiences, educational and cultural background playing our role in delivering and advocating for the Nuclear Promise and future viability of Nuclear technology by providing a wide range of services to the Nuclear Power generation industry.

Who we are?

We are the technical experts in our field and we provide options, technologies, and costs/benefits of every aspect of your energy project. We are a team of experts with diverse experience in the Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining Industries. We consistently deliver on what we understand to be best for the specific application. We provide proper consulting and design in an age when life-cycle analysis is paramount for maximizing profitability and minimizing lost opportunity costs.

Highly Skilled Nuclear Professionals

Leveraging our profound expertise in the field, we conduct thorough assessments of both in-house and third-party design packages, ensuring that all ideas, concepts, and solutions are not only feasible but also practical before proceeding with field execution.

Our Services

Thanks to skills, experiences and entrepreneurship spirit of our team, we proudly deliver solutions and services in a variety of fields to our clients. From delivering a design package to acting as a client’s agent in an oversight role, our approach is project-centric with emphasis on proper planning and solid execution with no variance from the plan.
With our filed expertise, we examine in-house or third party design packages to ensure ideas, concepts and solutions are constructible and practical before green lighting the field execution. We believe in relationship with our clients and consider mutual trust as an essential element and asset.

Design Engineering

Gain access to the very best engineering talent through Boston Nuclear. We offer an unmatched network of engineering expertise in Electrical, Mechanical and Nuclear disciplines with a focus on brown field designs. Our engineers are experienced in nuclear programs, design requirements and processes to ensure smooth transactions while being compliant to the stringent Nuclear Requirements.

Field Engineering Services

Field Services starts at performing thorough design reviews in the Engineering Change Control process with extensive trades involvement in Constructability reviews, 3D laser scanning, FAT planning and Construction Assessing processes followed by on the field presence to support trades. Our team consists of experienced talent that have adequate trade knowledge and design knowledge to ensure that all projects are a success.

Subject Matter Expertise

At Boston Nuclear, we have created a niche set of skills in unique subject areas that are unparalleled in the engineering industry. Whether you are looking for expertise in Welding, Pressure Boundary, Valves, Underground pipping, Heat Exchangers, Pumps and Motor sets, electrical power distribution, protective relaying and transformers, we have you covered.

Nuclear Documentation

At Boston Nuclear, we understand the unique requirements of procedure use and adherence and its importance in ensuring safety of the Nuclear Plant, Processes, People and Public. We have helped many organizations in creating process based procedures, writing maintenance and operating procedures, writing Inspection and Test Plans, Commissioning Plans, Work Instructions and Assessing Packages. We are always available to assist.

Project Management

We build intelligence into all stages of a project – through strategic planning, concept development, scope definition, risk analysis, resource and budget estimates, design supervision, tendering and construction execution and continuous monitoring. We believe in an integrated design team approach.
Our goal is to provide a closely supervised approach to a project, one that will provide the best value for your investment.